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Our extra home inspection options

Home Inspection

  In order to ensure our customers that they are aware of their prospective and current condition of their property, we offer the following extra home inspection and security services to them.

  We perform wood destroying insect or WDI inspection that includes carpenter ants, termites, powder post beetles and carpenter bees.

  When you hire our home inspection service, you can obtain a visual checking of your building to find the presence of mold and the growing condition of mold. Our inspectors will test the moisture level around the doors, windows and toilets. The mold testing services offer a comprehensive approach designed to give them peace of mind.

  We perform water testing if the water system of a building is supplied by well. This test is highly recommended for people who are financing their home.

  Well chlorination, irrigation system and roofing inspections are some other things that are included in our home inspection and security service.