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How we inspect a building?

Home InspectionWe pride ourselves to provide the most thorough, objective and informative home inspections to our customers. Each of our home inspection includes computerized report that contains detailed prescriptions and color digital photography of findings pertaining to the reliability of both the mechanical and structural systems in their home or building. Our customers can make use of this information when they sell, maintain or buy a home. Checklist will contain the evaluations about the following systems and components in a building.

  •        Interior wire connection and plumbing

  •        Heating and air conditioning system

  •        Ceilings, windows, doors, floors and walls

  •        Attic, roof and visible insulation

  •        The basement, foundation and structural components of a building.

Whether you are looking for inspection service for your home or commercial building, you can hire our service. We are there for you to offer both commercial and residential inspection service. We evaluate the buildings inch by inch from the top to the bottom at nook and corners. We believe that people who approach us should obtain every bit of detail necessary for them to make an informed and wise decision. Each of the home and building is different. We offer the service as per their need and expectation.

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