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Our home inspection services

Home Inspection
We provide our customers the best services that can ensure them taking all the preventive measures they need to make sure their home and family are safe. Following are the services that come under the annual home security inspection service.

    Test and clean all the monitored smoke detectors. We suggest either replacing or repairing the smoke detectors by inspecting its functionality.

    Inspect all the monitored carbon monoxide appliances. Our technicians will suggest our customers to replace or repair the carbon monoxide detecting devices.

  • We will inspect all the burglary devices.

  • Our technicians will inspect all the environmental devices such as cameras.

  • All keyfob panic buttons and key pad are inspected.

  • We also inspect back up power supplying batteries with meter.

  • We suggest our customers to repair the devices and if necessary we will help to replace the devices for better protection inside the building.

  • We will also examine the roofs, drainage, gutters, walkways, doors, driveways and foundations. Thus, our inspection reports offer valuable information regarding the condition of systems and structure in a building. Homeowners, real estate agents and home buyers can hire our service to estimate the condition and value of a building.